Kiwi Coaster Set –

Kiwi Coaster Set

$46.00 NZD

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Ceramic Tile Coaster Set featuring the iconic Kiwi of New Zealand by well known artist Monique Endt.

  • This lovely set contains four tile coasters with cork backing.
  • Each coaster is 10 x 10cm
  • Beautiful example of New Zealand Art on Tiles by Wildside Gifts.
  • A lovely gift or a beautiful addition to your home.

Facts about the Kiwi

  • About 27 Kiwi are killed by predators every week; that is 1400 kiwi killed per year. One hundred years ago there were millions of Kiwi.
  • Kiwi are flightless, they have feathers like hair, nostrils at the end of a sensitive beak, and are nocturnal.
  • Kiwi are fiercely territorial and live in burrows that they dig with their strong legs. They may have as many as 50 burrows dotted across their territory.
  • Kiwi are monogamous, and pairs have been known to stay together for over 20 years. At night they perform duets calling to each other.


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