Birds of New Zealand Coaster Set –

Birds of New Zealand Coaster Set

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Ceramic Tile Coaster Set featuring the Endangered Birds of New Zealand by well known artist Monique Endt and Angela Oliver.

  • This lovely set contains four tile coasters with cork backing.
  • Each coaster is 10 x 10cm
  • The Kokako, Saddleback and Takahe  are by Monique Endt and the Kakapo is by Angela Oliver.
  • Beautiful example of New Zealand Art on Tiles by Wildside Gifts.
  • A lovely gift or a beautiful addition to your home.


  • There are fewer than 400 pairs of North Island Kokako left. South Island Kokako are presumed extinct.


  • The Kakapo is a unique bird. It is flightless, nocturnal and the heaviest longest-lived parrot with a "lek" breeding system. There are fewer than 140 birds left.


  • There are two kinds of Saddleback - North Island and South Island birds. Saddlebacks (Tieke) were reintroduced into the South Island in 2011and onto the North Island in 2012. 


  • Takahe were thought to be extinct until 1948. There are only about 200 birds left in protected areas on the North and South Islands.


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