Kiwifruit used in Skin Care August 15 2016, 0 Comments

Research at several major learning institutions has proven that kiwifruit is among the most potent antioxidants. Now, its protective properties are invigorated and enhanced in a moisturizer that coats the skin in an almost impermeable bubble shield. This barrier stops all harm from causing wrinkles, dark spots, lines and loss of firmness.

KIRI® Antioxidant Kiwifruit face moisturizer has beautiful packaging - a glossy green-colored container with the cap in matching hue. The moisturizer is light with a rich creamy texture and mildly scented in a delicate kind of way.

It is common knowledge that the skin absorbs much of what is placed on it. Instead of congesting it with foul chemicals, parabens and harmful toxins, choose this one of a kind organic face moisturizer. Full with vitamin-rich ingredients, it not only deeply hydrates your face, but also improves the health of your skin too.


KIRI® New Zealand Antioxidant Kiwifruit face moisturizer has been produced using the finest quality ingredients and has been creatively developed to help balance the skin’s nutritional shortages and brace natural defenses of the skin against the visible signs of aging.

This moisturizer combats free radicals, which are the basis of premature aging. It also aids in the natural reduction of fine lines around the face while deeply moisturizing the face, eye and neck. It is intensely concentrated with no fillers or binders; and is specially formulated for quick absorption and deep moisturization. Well, a little goes a long way; that’s why every individual ingredient has a particular beneficial effect on the skin - leaving it moisturized, nourished and healthy. This deeply penetrating kiwifruit cream locks in the moisture leaving your skin looking smooth and radiant.

    • It is rich in Vitamins E and A which are great at skin softening and keeping it hydrated for longer periods of time. It also contains finest quality rosehip oil, which is best known for its incredible abilities to aid in the growth of the skin, smoothing fine skin lines and restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance.

    • It is also combined with the natural healing properties of the Kiwifruit (a New Zealand’s own grown fruit) and kiwifruit seed oil.

    • Rich in antioxidants, the KIRI® New Zealand Antioxidant Kiwifruit face moisturizer helps slow down the skin’s aging process by rejuvenating the skin and boosting its suppleness.

    • The sunscreen present in the moisturizer helps in protecting the skin against sun damage and also keeping it looking healthy.

    • Vitamin C - An even skin tone is just one of its many benefits. It also aids in brightening the skin and in wound healing; it should thus help to decrease the risk of skin damage linked to pimple-episodes.

Additional Information:

The KIRI® New Zealand Antioxidant Kiwifruit face moisturizer replenishes and enhances the radiance of the skin. This moisturizer’s popularity is gradually spreading all over the world with more and more people trusting on the properties of the kiwifruit. You could purchase and give it out to a friend as a gift, so they also experience the countless wonders of this natural facial moisturizer.

It is not necessary to use multiple products to revitalize the skin. With this and other Kiwifruit skincare products Made in New Zealand, you can treat yourself to a complete line of nourishing agents.