Flying Ducks Wall Hanging Set - Colour –

Flying Ducks Wall Hanging Set - Colour

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Flying Ducks Wall Hanging Set

A set of classic flying ducks inspired by the iconic shapes of mid century designs (like the Crown Lynn designs) that graced so many New Zealand homes.

So funky and so retro these flying wall ducks are a statement in cool chic. These ducks are a new design proudly made in New Zealand by Studio Ceramics from locally sourced fine clays and are handpainted and glazed to a glossy finish. These ducks are very good quality. Collect tommorrows antiques today.

Flying wall ducks from the 50's are very rare and can sell for several hundreds of dollars to collectors. You can get the same look with this new set for a fraction of the cost delivered to your door.

Great for decorators, themers and anyone who wants to add a spot of nouvelle retro to their interior design plans with a cool set of Retro Lynn flying wall ducks. Also available in Matte Black and Matte White. 


  • Large duck 28.5 cm length
  • Mid size duck 26 cm length
  • Small size duck 23cm length

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