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Heartech Flite Mate Earplugs for Flying

$14.95 NZD

FliteMate Flying Ear Plugs 2 size trial pack are designed to reduce pressure build up in ears while flying. During takeoff and landing there are rapid changes in air pressure often causing pressure to build up painfully in the inner ear. FliteMate moderates air pressure during takeoff through to landing with a tiny vent in the earplug allowing pressure to dissipate slowly reducing pain and discomfort. FliteMate ear plugs also reduce the constant noise that can make flying so tiring wiith a NRR of 22 volume is reduced by almost 75%, while still allowing for conversation. FliteMate retains natural sound characteristics so they will not distort the sound of music at concerts and clubs making FliteMate a versatile earplug for various situations.

The clear flanges make your FliteMate earplugs practically invisible when worn. FliteMate ear plugs are washable and reusable making them a very economical option that can be used again and again. Available in average, small and 2 size trial pack with 1 x average and 1 x small. (case does not come with metal ring) Average fits most adults and small is for children, teenagers and women and men with smaller ears. If you are unsure of your size try the 2 size trial pack for correct fitting.

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