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Koha Spa Kaikoura Sea Kelp Facial Cleanser

$4.95 NZD

Koha Spa Facial Cleanser 30ml

Kaikoura Sea Kelp Facial Cleanser

This delicate facial cleanser is ideal for purifying your skin. Enriched with Kaikoura Sea Kelp, our gentle formulation will delicately clean away the days pollutants, leaving your skin cleansed and refreshed.

Directions: Apply a small amount onto damp skin. Massage in and remove with tepid water.

Few places can boast as diverse a marine habitat as the rugged coast of Kaikoura. Famous for its population of huge sperm whales, Kaikoura is also a source of nutrient rich sea kelp. Rich in silica, zinc and selenium, Kelp extract not only provides excellent skin nourishment, but its mildly antiseptic properties work to gently cleanse and purify the skin.

Available in 30ml tubes that are ideal to refill your Koha Spa travel kit and small enough to take on international flights. Buy one or all seven refill tubes.

This product cannot be shipped to Germany at present.

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