Macks Contoured Sleepmask with Earplugs –

Macks Contoured Sleepmask with Earplugs

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Dreamweaver contoured sleep mask with free foam earplugs
Dreamgirl contoured sleep mask with free foam earplugs.

These sleep masks are brilliant! Macks "Dreamgirl" sleep mask in fuchsia and Macks Dreamweaver sleep mask in black has a contoured design allowing complete freedom to open and shut your eyes, while keeping you, the wearer, comfortable inside a blissful curtain of darkness. A mask like this is an essential travel companion. Anywhere you find yourself whip out your "Dreamgirl" or "Dreamweaver contoured sleep mask and earplugs and envelope yourself in instant night. The contoured design allows your eyes to open and close and blink as they would naturally so they are exceptionally comfortable. Made of silky soft material they are reusable and washable and so light and slim you will hardly know you are wearing it. With a velcro fastner they can adjust to fit any head size and they come with a convenient travel pouch. #Great for travel on long haul flights. #Great for daytime sleep #Great for those evenings when your spouse wants to read and you want to sleep! Get one delivered to your door (with free earplugs)

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