Plush Pillow 600grm –

Plush Pillow 600grm

$19.95 NZD

Plush Pillow 600 grm

Good quality pillow filled with 600 grams of microfibre made from recycled material with a double stitched 100% cotton cover.

Great price & quality comfort
600 gram microfibre fill
70 x 44cm

General tips on pillow care:

  • Pillows take a battering as you use then every night and they absorb a lot of sweat and dust along with dust mites over time.
  • To care for your pillow shake well and air your pillow monthly outside.
  • Use a good quality quilted or waterproof pillow protector.
  • Replace pillows every year to keep them fresh because there is nothing worse that a musty smelly pillow!

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