Retro Lynn Swan Vase with Gold beak –

Retro Lynn Swan Vase with Gold beak

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Gold beaked Retro Lynn Swans

New Gold beaked Retro Lynn Swan Vase inspired by classic Crown Lynn mid century designs that are so evocative of yesteryear. This whimsical new swan design from the "Retro Lynn" range has a classic vintage look. Ideal for decorators themers and anyone who wants to add a touch of groovy nouvelle retro chic to their interior design plans. These swans look fabulous as stand alone singles, as matching pairs or in families of three. Wonderful as a table centerpiece with a posy of blousy hydrangeas or ethereal gypsophila and look great displayed in mix and match clusters of three in different sizes and colours. Start collecting your multi-coloured swan family today. These new design swan vases are the antiques of tomorrow and very very collectible. Proudly Made in New Zealand by Studio Ceramics from locally sourced fine clays they are triple gazed for an exceptional finish.

Dimensions for the large swans
19cm height 28 cm length 17cm width

Dimensions for medium swans
14 cm height 23 cm length 13 cm width

Dimensions for the small swans
13 cm height 21cm length 10.5 cm width

Dimensions for the baby swans
12 cm height 17cm length 8 cm width

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