Retro Tiki Luggage Tag –

Retro Tiki Luggage Tag

$15.95 NZD

Retro kiwiana luggage tags designed by DesignbyLeonard

  • Retro Tiki

The Maori neck pendant called a Tiki is usually made from greenstone or sometimes bone or ivory. It symbolizes fertility and was worn by women as a symbol of fertility. Make a statement with a Tiki design Bag Tag in a cool retro design and funky round shape.

  • Retro Pohutakawa

The Pohutukawa tree is unique to New Zealand and is often called our native Christmas tree as it flowers just before Christmas. Its bright red blooms remind us of summer days spent at the beach with friends and family. Brighten up your bag with a Pohutukawa Bag Tag with funky retro design and round shape.

  • Retro Kiwi

The Kiwi is a small flightless bird which is unique to New Zealand. It is one of New Zealand’s most famous icons and is proudly used as a nickname for New Zealand people. Be a proud Kiwi  with a Kiwi design Bag Tag in a funky retro design and trendy round shape.

  • Retro Fantail

The fantail is one of New Zealand’s best known birds, with it’s distinctive fanned tail and loud song and the fact they often approach within a metre or two of people. Your bag will look great with a pretty and fun Fantail design Bag Tag which has a floral ‘vintage’ background and funky round shape.

Identifying your bag in the sea of similar bags at baggage claim is at best stressful. Luggage tags that attach to the suitcase handle are an excellent solution. They look cool, they’re unique and they allow the owners contact details to be recorded on the back – which is really helpful if you’ve just landed in Tokyo and your bag is on its way to Istanbul! A good tip is to add multiple bag tags to the extra suitcase handles so you can identify your bag quickly from any angle, letting you get on with your holiday without delay.


  • Attach’s to bag with tough loop tie
  • Space to write your personal information on the back
  • Made from hard-wearing PVC

Size: 9.5cm diameter

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